Laytonsville Veterinary Practice
Laytonsville Veterinary Practice


your pet’s safety and comfort are our top priority

As a full-service clinic, we offer a wide variety of surgical procedures, all of which will be carried out with your pet’s safety, comfort and well-being in mind. All procedures are performed in a state-of-the-art surgical suite using the most modern surgical tools and techniques, including laser. Learn more about Laser Surgery…

Before, during, and after the procedure, your pet will be tended to by experienced doctors and knowledgeable staff to ensure their safety and comfort.

Safety First - about Anesthesia Protocols:

To ensure that your pet is a healthy candidate for anesthesia, we require all patients to have been recently examined by one of our doctors prior to their planned procedure. When appropriate, we may need to check blood work, place an IV catheter and start fluid therapy to maintain your pet’s hydration and blood pressure.

What to know for your upcoming procedure:

Fasting: Patients undergoing general anesthesia should be fasted at least 12 hours prior to an anesthetic event to reduce probability of vomiting during the procedure. In general, no food or water should be offered after midnight the night before a procedure.

Drop off: Surgery drop-off is between 8 - 9 am to allow us enough time to collect and assess pre-anesthetic blood work, place an IV catheter, and prepare your pet for surgery.

Leading up to your pet’s procedure, we will perform any necessary pre-operative testing that may preclude your pet from undergoing general anesthesia that day. During this time, we aim to keep your pet comfortable and calm while they await their procedure.

During the procedure, your doctor and experienced members of our surgical team will monitor your pet’s vital signs, administer pain medication, and keep your pet warm using one of our modern warming units.

After the procedure, your pet will be woken up in a quiet, comfortable area where we will monitor recovery, assess for discomfort, administer treatments and maintain fluid therapy. Some procedures require an overnight hospitalization to allow us to monitor for post-operative recovery and administer treatments. We welcome phone calls and requests for updates during this time, and will keep you up to date on your pet’s recovery status.

When your pet is ready to return home, we will provide detailed discharge instructions, medications, and discuss any questions or concerns you have about at-home-care. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call us - we’re happy to help.