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What Is feline fibrosarcoma

Fibrosarcomas are deeply rooted tumors that can occur in cats. Research has been conducted that suggests a correlation exists between the development of these tumors and the inflammation associated with injections. Because vaccines are by far the most frequent injections we give cats, there is thus a link between vaccines and fibrosarcoma.

While the rate of occurrence for these tumors is low, it is important to discuss with a veterinarian which vaccines are recommended for your cat based on his or her lifestyle. In most cases, the benefit of preventing disease far outweighs the risk.

How do we minimize the risk of feline fibrosarcoma?

Current research suggests that we may be able to decrease the risk of fibrosarcoma if we take measures to minimize inflammation when we administer vaccines and other injections. This may reduce the likelihood of cells around the injection site becoming precancerous.

The use of small-gauge needles helps reduce the inflammation resulting from injections

Warming vaccines before administration may also minimize inflammation at the injection site

Standardized injection placement involves administering vaccines low on the limbs (rather than the back, torso or scruff), so that surgical intervention is possible if a fibrosarcoma develops

Close monitoring for new masses on parts of the body where we administer vaccines can help us treat fibrosarcoma quickly if it develops