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Dental X-Ray imaging

some dental diseases can’t be diagnosed with an exam alone

When we look at your dog or cat’s teeth, we’re only seeing half of the picture. While a dental exam can help us find problems above the gum-line, the health of the tooth roots can only be assessed with radiographic imaging.

Without x-rays, an abscessed or fractured root will be missed, potentially causing a second necessary sedation several months later when the problem is much worse - and more painful.

Why should we do dental imaging during routine Sedated Dental cleaning?

Dental images allow us to assess the health of all parts of the tooth at once, and to treat the problem right then, during the same anesthetized procedure. Since we’ve been routinely taking dental x-rays, it has been astounding how much pathology we’ve noticed may have been missed without them.

Common dental diseases we diagnose with dental imaging:

  • Tooth root abscess

  • Bone loss due to periodontal disease

  • Resorptive lesions of tooth root

  • Fractured, retained roots, often with no visible crowns

  • Un-erupted teeth with encircling bone cysts

  • Oral masses / bony lesions